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Building Acrylic Reptile Cages to fit your needs

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Arboreal Cages

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Our Acrylic Arboreal Cages are made to fit your tree dwelling arachnid perfectly, by building these cages taller we are providing the space that your spiders need for crawling to higher heights. With built in air vents that are made in a way to prevent air-tunneling we make the cages a perfect habitat for your arachnid.

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Terrestrial Cages

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Our Acrylic Terrestrial Cages are built to house more ground space, so your arachnid may have more room to walk or jump around. Also including multiple air vents on the side that prevent air-tunneling and being built with a top side lid to allow for easy access to your arachnid and its habitat. The perfect Terrestrial Spider Cage!

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Service Overview

Building and shipping to you, your personal reptile cage made of polycorbonate or acrylic. Some models include oak cabinets and outsides.


Personal backgrounds for your acrylic reptile cages. Images Soon To Come.
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