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Geckos are great wall climbers, having greatly developed feet that can stick to any surface, these animals love to go about anywhere. Coming in many different colors and sizes they are one of the most common type of lizard to be found as a pet in someones home.

Types of geckos to have as a pet:

Crested Geckos

considered the reptile pet for beginners because they are very easy to take care of and being tree dwellers they make a great display for your habitat.
These geckos grow to be about 8 inches in length. They live for 15-20 years. With these geckos it is important you provide the proper tempature range for activity and feeding. Crested geckos like tempatures of 78-82 degrees fahrenheit during the day and may drop to 70 at night. An easy way to achieve this is by using a low-wattage incandescent bulb or a ceramic heat emitter placed on the screen top over one side, you always want one side to be cooler so that your crested gecko can sometimes go to the cooler side so they can regulate their body heat. These geckos also require either a water source such as a bowl or in the form of a mist, these geckos require a humidity of at least 50 percent
Crested gecko habitats need to be compiled mostly of foilage and wood so that they can climb up. The great thing about crested geckos is that they can live off a powdered diet rather than feeding them live insects which helps in making them so easy to take care of. Some foods that the crested gecko will eat are fruit and the live insects mentioned previously.

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Service Overview

Building and shipping to you, your personal reptile cage made of polycorbonate or acrylic. Some models include oak cabinets and outsides.


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