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Building Acrylic Reptile Cages to fit your needs

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Extra Large Front Loading Acrylic Arboreal/Terrestrial Cage

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10" Wide 10 " Deep 18" High

An Extra Large sized Arboreal Cage built to hold your very large tree dwelling arachnids or your large ground crawling terrestrials. Made out of acrylic for a crystal clear view. Has an easy access door in the front with two lockable hinges. Comes with six 2" in diameter air vents to allow for adequate airflow without an air-tunneling affect.

$100.00 Includes Shipping and Handling

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Service Overview

Building and shipping to you, your personal reptile cage made of polycorbonate or acrylic. Some models include oak cabinets and outsides.


Personal backgrounds for your acrylic reptile cages. Images Soon To Come.
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